10 Amazing Style Tips for Plus Size Women

We believe that many fat girls will find that many girls who are fatter than themselves are better than dressing themselves. Why is this? What special skills do they have when choosing plus size women’s clothing? What are the buying tips for fat girls when buying large-size women’s clothes? As long as you don’t think that people with slender figure are “clothes racks”, in fact, if a person with a full body has mastered the essentials of dressing, he will have a special charm and give people a bright feeling! The following 10 skills are worth learning for big-size people:


1. Fat girls should choose fabrics that are soft and stiff. Don’t choose fabrics that are too thick or too thin. Too thin is easy to reveal their body shape, while thick materials are expansive and make people look fatter.

2. What color should I choose for good effect? Fat girls should choose a darker color when choosing large-size women’s clothing. The dark color will make people feel shrinking in the senses, and look very thin in the visual sense.

3. When choosing large-size women’s clothing with patterns, straight stripes and small patterns should be chosen.

4. Wearing brighter colored clothes on the upper body can make people not pay attention to your poorer lower body. Wearing high-waisted pants can make your butt look thinner

5. Fat girls generally have the characteristics of a big face and a stubby neck. Wearing a narrow neckline and collar-shaped clothes will make the face appear larger, and you should choose a spacious open-door collar. The boat-shaped collar has the function of making the shoulders look wider, and can be a coordinated and balanced visual effect with the fat lower body

6. Avoid wearing close-fitting woolen clothing. Those skirts or close-fitting clothes with static electricity are easy to show lines. Fat people should avoid wearing them.

7. Wear clothes and tie a belt, giving people a feeling of bloatedness and cumbersomeness.

8. Wear a skirt with a side or side opening. The vertical lines and the skirts that make the legs half visible can make your legs look more slender.

9. Choose shoes with simple lines, thin heels or pointed toes. The color of the socks should be matched with the shoes to lengthen the feeling of the legs.

10. The length of the strap of the bag should not fall on the widest part of the buttocks. This will make the big butt feel bigger.

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