How to Clean Copper Jewelry: Step By Step Procedure to Clean Copper Jewerly

how to clean copper jewelry

Copper is considered to be one of the most durable metals which are in existence for over 10000 years. The attractive red-brown color & sheer shine of this metal is one of the reasons why it is a hugely popular metal for making jewelry. However, one of the primary issues that arise with Copper Jewelry is that over a period of time, it starts to lose its shine and becomes tarnished. It gets surrounded by a green layer which is called Patina. A lot of people ask “How to clean Copper Jewelry?” or ” What is the step-by-step procedure to Clean Copper Jewelry?”

How to Clean Copper Jewelry At Home?

Before cleaning the copper jewelry, you should know about different cleaners that you can easily make at home to clean the copper Jewelry.

Create A Baking Soda Paste: To effectively clean Copper Jewelry at Home, you can create a Baking Soda paste at your home that will easily help you clean the Copper Jewelry. To create the paste, add an equal amount of baking soda and salt to a bowl and mix it well.

Salt & Vinegar Solution: Salt and Vinegar solution acts as an effective cleanser to clean Copper Jewelry. To prepare the mixture, add an equal quantity of Salt and Vinegar to prepare an effective cleanser.

Water & Mild Soap: You can use a mild soap such as Dish Soap and Water to clean the copper jewelry.

Use Ketchup: Ketchup also acts as a great cleanser to clean the Copper Jewelry. Ketchup can directly be applied to Copper Jewelry & rubbed with hands to clean it.

Boil Your Jewelry in Deep Solution: You can prepare a deep solution to immerse your Copper Jewelry in it. Vinegar and Salt act as best cleanser to clean the Jewelry. You can put your copper jewelry in Vinegar & salt solution. Boil it for a few minutes & then remove it.
Rub Your Cleaner to Copper Jewelry: You can use a toothbrush to reach out to the Nook and corner of your Jewelry. Use a polishing cloth or something similar to rub your jewelry until it shines and any dirt and debris are removed.

Rinse Properly & Dry the Jewelry: You can rinse the copper jewelry with a clean cloth for a few seconds until the water gets soaked properly.

Polish the Jewerly: Once you have cleaned the jewelry, now polish it well by putting some lemon on a rag. Now continue cleaning the copper jewelry until your jewelry achieves shine.

So these are the easily steps that you will use at home to clean your copper jewelry.

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