THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PARTIAL BALAYAGE: Difference Between Full Vs Partial Balayage

partial Balayage

Balayage is a new hair style trend that is not going to fade anytime soon. A large number of girls are trying this new hairstyle trend. A Partial Balayage is known to be a coloring technique where your apply highlights only to a specific portion of your hairs not on the complete head.

What is the Difference Between Full Balayage and Partial Balayage?

With Full Balayage Hair coloring, you need to strike colors on your entire hairs from tip to bottom, on the other hand, in Partial Balayage, only a portion of your hair is highlighted not the complete scalp. Typically the Partial Balayage is applied to the top layer of your hairs with a focus on end.


The time depends upon the shape of your Balayage highlights and the length of your hair. However, you need to spend at least 45 minutes in the salon to get the colors.

What are the Benefits of Partial Balayage?

There are several benefits of Partial Balayage that we will be discussing here. The first benefit of Partial Balayage is that you need not apply Bleach on your complete hairs that mean it will save your gorgeous tresses from getting ruined. Another benefit of Partial Balayage is that your natural hairs will be showing and Partial Balayage will be understated that will give your a more attractive look.

Less Expensive: As compared to the full Balayage, Partial Balayage is less expensive that will not burn your pocket. The average cost of Partial Balayage will be around $100.

Less Damage: As only a few parts of your hair will be highlighted so chances of hair damage is less.

It looks more natural: Because you’ll still see your base color, partial highlights look more soft and natural.

Low Maintenance: It requires low maintenance as new growth is less visible throughout your hair. So it is another reason that can encourage you to go for Partial Balayage treatment.

Steps to Apply for Partial Balayage?

These are the following steps to apply Partial Balayage on your Hairs.

Inspect the Roots: Before applying the Partial Balayage, check for the roots first sometimes client ask for complete gray root coverage. It would take the double process, so you should first check it.
Blend the Formula: Depending upon the color of your client’s hair, your client locks will need some level of pre-lightening. You can try blonder-free lights to easily apply Balayage.

How Much Does Partial Balayage Will Cost?

The cost of Partial Balayage will vary as per your demographic location. However, as a general rule of thumb, it will cost you somewhere between $70-100 dollar for a sitting in a salon.


Here are a few Partial Balayage Hair Inspirations for you.


Check out the Partial Balayage for Dark Hair, so if you have Dark Hairs, so you can try it

Partial Balayage for Red Hair


Top 5 Balayage Clip in Hair Extensions

Here we are sharing with you a few Balayage Clip in Hair Extensions with you that you will suit for your hair.

GOO GOO Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair:

Goo Goo Hair is dedicated to the development of the high quality hair extensions. They have their own brand and factory in the United States. Unlike tape-in, sew-in, bonded hair extensions, their clip extensions is so quick and easy for you to adjust as needed. Whether you have your stylist adjust them or learn to do it by yourself. All their extensions are made of human remy hair.

Sixstarhair Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions:

It is one of the best hair extensions made of high-quality human remy hair. You can dye, wash these hairs just like your normal hairs. They are available in various colors Including black, brown, blonde, balayage, highlight, ombre colors. These clip in extensions cover almost all fashion colors.

Vario Hair Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair:

It is one of the other great hair extension which is available in various colors. They are made of 100% real Remy human hair, can be Treated & Styled. Like your Own Hair. However, we will not advise you to bleach these hair extensions. Clips are sewed stably, covered with a layer of soft rubber to carefully protect your scalp and hair, you can easily to apply and remove the clip on hair extensions by yourself to change hairstyle for different occasions.

Full Shine Balayage Hair Clip In Extensions: 

Full Shine seriously focus on every step of manufacture to ensure the quality of their products. They choose real human hair which is long lasting and natural like your own hair.They want to help every lady become attractive and confident. A large number of colors are available to choose from your favorite color.

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