What is the Difference Between Balayage and Ombre? Find Out

balayage vs ombre

Do you often find yourself struggling to figure out the difference between Balayage and Ombre hairstyle? Leaving a few fashionistas aside, a lot of people don’t know the difference between Balayage and Ombre. So in this post, you will find in detail the difference between ombre and balayage hairstyle.

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What is Ombre?

Ombre means ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’. Ombre hairstyle is a two-toned hair color effect that is darker on the top of your hair & lighter mode at the bottom. The upper dark section of your hair is your natural hair shade & lighter on the bottom. An ombre hairstyle can be available in different color shades such as natural blonde, brown or red, or something unconventional like pink, blue, green or purple. The color transition in ombre hairstyle is dark roots to lighter ends is sharp. The plus thing about ombre hairstyle is that it is quite affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket. The best thing about ombre hairstyle is that it remains dark at the top section. The overall color of ombre hair color can change after a few days and this is something that people enjoy a lot about this hairstyle.

What is Balayage Hair Color?

The Balayage is a French term that means ” “sweeping” in English. It is an effective technique where hair color is painted onto the hairs to achieve a natural-looking effect. This hairstyle starts away from the hair roots and gradually it travels toward the hair roots and offers great color saturation onto the hair roots in starting days and later on the color will become lighter. In this process of Balayage hair color, only one color is being used. The process of applying color in Balayage’s hairstyle is quite simple. It is first applied to the roots and then swept to cover the entire hair length till the tip of the hairs. This results in achieving a darker look at the root and lighter at the top. Due to its natural appearance, a lot of celebrities & fashion models are adopting this balayage hair color style. Balayage is different from highlights where while applying colors same saturation is maintained from root to tips with the help of foils. Balayage hair color suits mostly on the long hairs and it is alike ombre hairstyle is cheaper and won’t create any extrra burden on your pocket, so you can go for it.

What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

1) Ombre is horizontal placement and Balayage is vertical placement.
2) Balayage is a technique, on the other hand, Ombre is a style.
3)Both Balayage and Ombre hairstyle requires low maintenance and it is not expensive hair coloring procedures.

So there is no big difference between the two. It can be applied together on your hairs.

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