Significance of Punjabi Kada & Benefits of Punjabi Kada

Kada is one of the five kakars or 5Ks that identify a Sikh. The kada was instituted by the tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanchar in 1699. Guru ji provided us kada to always keep in mind the disciple to do God’s work. Sikhs wear their Kada in right hand. Guru Ji gave us kada to think before action. It is a reminder to sikhs from Guru Ji that whatever we do from our hands should not be against the teachings of AKAL PURAKH. Our hands should not rise against poor and weak people. Guru Ji always taught us to help the needy so Kada in hand directs us to follow our Guru’s path.

So if you are interested in wearing Punjabi Kada so here we are sharing with you the significance of Punjabi Kada for Men.

Here we are sharing some of the benefits of Copper Kada

1) According to scientific research, Copper Kada reduces stress, and helps in keeping the mind calm and fresh.
2) Copper Kada can help in curing several diseases and wounds so if you are suffering from any health problem then you should wear copper Kada.
3) Copper Kada is considered to be Skin-friendly and it won’t create any problems in your skin. Moreover, copper kada has anti-aging properties and kills several pathogenic diseases.
4) A copper Kada is also helpful to cure arthritis, inflammation and joint pains. It reduces cardiovascular diseases

What are the several Astrological Benefits of Wearing Copper Kada?
1) The copper kada is considered to be benevolent for every zodiac sign. It helps in pacifying the malefic chandra. So you should wear Kada if you have a weak chandrama.
2) The important aspect of Punjabi Kada is that it can help in improving the auspicious effect of Sun and reduces bad effect

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