9 Jaw-Dropping Bridal Nath to Grab for your Wedding!

Bridal Nath has been an integral part of Indian weddings for ages. However, with times, it has started losing its importance as modern brides were shying away to wear naths at their weddings. But recently, the craze of bridal nath has been revived. Soon to be brides are willing to embrace tradition with a twist of modernity. Therefore, the demand for bridal naths have increased a lot and if you are going to be a bride soon and want to appear a million dollar on your wedding, then you can ignore to don amazing Bridal Nathni to complement your look.

As we know there are various types of Bridal nose rings are available in the market and it can be really overwhelming to decide which bridal nathani or bridal nose rings to wear in your marriage, then keep glued to this post as we have made a list of top bridal nathani or nose rings that you can wear in 2020.

Kundan Nose Rings: It is true that nothing matches the elegance of Kundan and when you wear it in the form of nose ring or bridal nath it adds an extra layer of charm to your bridal look. Kundan jewelry is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary charm. The elegant glass stones will sparkle & make you the talk of the town.

Nathni Style Nath Designs: ” The less is always more” so if you believe in this concept then we’d recommend you wear Nathni Style Nath or Nose ring to give you a subtle yet vibrant look. The small stud is known as Laung & it looks equally attractive and vibrant as big nose rings. So if you are not into heavy nose rings or nath, then we’d suggest you to go for laung.

Bold beads: It has been immensely popular among the brides because it is vibrant & fun to wear this lovely piece of jewelry as bridal nath. It appears best with anything you wear so we’d suggest you don this alluring bold beads as a nose ring in your wedding.

Pearl string and ghungroos: Believe us that it’d look breathtaking when you’d walk down the aisle. This nose ring looks good with every type of lehenga or bridal attire. This nath can be overwhelming and perfect for the next generation brides who want to break the stereotype and try something new on their wedding.

Maharashtrian Nath: This nath is extremely popular among traditional Maharashtrian families. However, the demand of this Nath has been surpassed Maharasthra after Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone wore it in the Bajirao Mastani. This super traditional trinket is a perfect bet for a bride who wants to don Traditional nath on their marriage. It looks extremely vibrant and you’d love your wedding pictures.

Golden Nath: The craze of Gold won’t leave us Indian sooner. Although there are a plethora of designs option availble for nose rings but nobody can dethrone Gold nose rings. They are being heavily worn by the Indian brides & they look extremely graceful and perfect for the occasion. So if you don’t believe in experiments then try golden nose rings you won’t regret it later.

Floral naths: The obsession of ladies for flowers can’t be denied, so what about displaying your affection for the flowers on your wedding rose rings. They look extremely graceful & fun to be donned around. The embellishment of tiny flowers around your nose ring chain will definitely make your girlfriends envy of you.

Multi Chain Naths: If you are someone who hates wearing heavy naths and strongly believe that you can’t pull it off nicely, then don’t follow the rate race and go for something light yet stylish. And Multi chain Naths or nose rings have become hugely popular because of it. The multi-chain nose ring is lightweight and beautifully designed that nobody can take their eyes off this piece of jewelry on your wedding. So this wedding season ditch the traditional nose rings and try these Multi Chain nose rings.

Small & Round Nath: This is perfect nose ring for those brides who don’t wish to wear heavy & multi chained nose rings and looking for subtle yet suave nose rings that succeeds in making a statement, then you won’t feel disappointed in wearing small round Nath. They are simple yet appealing nose rings that would leave everyone talking about you.

So these are few of the bridal nath or nose rings that are quite a in fashion nowadays so you go through all the nose rings that we have mentioned above and shortlist the ones that suit you.

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