How to Take Care of Your Skin 1 Month Before Marriage?

how to remove dark circles before marriage

Every Girl has a dream to look like a million dollar on their D- Day. They want everything to be perfect from Dresses, makeup, jewelry, they want everything to be in order. And why not, every girl has seen a lot of dreams for their D-Day. But one thing that every bride to be never want to face is Dull Skin. So if you are going to become a bride soon and looking for the best skin care tips before marriage, then you should not miss this post.

CTM: Cleansing, Tone and moisturizing should regularly be done without fail. It will help your skin pores to open and help your skin to breath more. The toning will help in tightening your skin pores and make your skin glow.

Facepacks: If you want your skin to be glowing at your wedding day then we will suggest you to apply facepack regularly on your face. You can create your own facepack at home. It will save your money of going to Beauty Parlour. We will suggest you to try Papaya and Honey pack– You can Mash up a papaya and blend it well with a teaspoon of honey until it forms a thick paste. Apply it on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cool water.

Banana and Almond Oil pack: Other facepack that you can create to make your skin glow is Banana and Almond Oil facepack. You can mesh a banana and mix it well with sweet almond oil and apply it on your face. It will help you in making your skin glow.

Scrub Your face: We will suggest you to scrub your face twice a day. You can start it 15 days before the wedding. It will help in taking out the excess of Oil from your face and also will help you to get rid off from blackheads.

Sleep: This will sound strange but we will suggest you to start getting enough sleep before your marriage. This will help you skin to get proper rest and also it will help your skin to glow.

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