Top 8 Home Remedies to say goodbye to Dark Circles Before Your Marriage!

how to remove dark circles before marriage

As the date of marriage comes closers, it is normal for you to lose your sleep and feel nervous. You might lose your sleep & appetite thinking about the big day of your life. Every bride has a dream to appear like a princess on their wedding. Therefore, a lot of soon to bride takes every best possible measure to look best in their marriage. However, Dark circles are one of the common problems that girls deal with before their marriage. It can dread the hell out of them. So if you are getting married soon and don’t want those dark circles or puffy eyes to ruin your wedding appearance then follow these useful tricks and remedies to bid adieu to dark circles and exhausted eyes.

Say no to Junk Food: If you are a junk food lover so say goodbye to your this habit for a few days. Believe it or not, your eating habits play a big role in the way you appear. If you eat healthy and natural food so you’d see the glow on your face. Thus, if you are getting married soon and want dark circles to fade away then stop eating Junk food and include fruits and green vegetables in your diet to have glowing skin during your wedding.

Use Tea Bag not just in your tea but for eyes: Don’t throw away Teabags as they can help you in getting rid of your dark circles below your eyes. You need to freeze tea bags in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and then place it on your eyes for a few days. Boom… and you will see the difference in a week.

Use Raw Potato: Potato is considered to be a natural bleach so if you are not willing to go to the parlor to remove dark circles so you can take a potato and grate it. Now let the grated potato cool down in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes and put it on your eyes. You’ll see positive results in just a week. Try it.

Use Tomato: Alike Potato, the tomato has also natural bleaching elements and it can help you in getting rid of dark circles under your eyes. You can use tomato juice with a few drops of lemon and dip a cotton ball in it. Now apply it on your eyes for 15 minutes. You will see a great result. If you don’t want to apply tomato mixture on your eyes, so you can drink tomato juice for a few days, it’d also make remove dark circles under your eyes.

Use Ice: Since you don’t have much time left in your marriage to remove dark circles so this can be your best bet. Put four-five ice cubes in a cloth, wrap it and apply it around your eye skin for a few days and you would get rid of dark circles.

Don’t Sleep with Make-Up On: It is one of the most common reasons among women for having several skin problems especially the dark circles. Thus, if you don’t want to ruin your skin before marriage so we’d suggest you properly remove make especially around your eyes before sleeping. It’ll help you in getting rid of dark circles.

Sleep Like A Boss: We all know that it is common to lose sleep during your wedding day as you have to do shopping and a lot of planning for your wedding. Also, you can be always surrounded by guests & also share all your feelings with your hubby on phone calls. But we’d suggest you complete at least 8-10 hours of minimum sleep otherwise you’ll develop dark circles around your eyes.

Use Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera Gel contains several rich vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E that helps in reducing dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. So if you are having dark circles so we’d suggest you use Aloe Vera cream.

So these are a few of the home remedies to get rid of dark circles around your eyes. We hope that using these home remedies will help you to get rid of the dark circles.

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