7 Useful Summer Makeup Tips You Need This Wedding Season

summer bridal makeup tips

The scorching sun is here to remind all of us that summers are around us & get ready to shed sweat. The rising temperature becomes extremely annoying for everyone, however, if you are getting married in the summers so you should definitely get ready for the attack of summers. The summer becomes extremely irritating for brides because the sweaty face can ruin their entire bridal makeup. With the prevailing humidity & grime, it becomes a daunting task for brides to maintain their makeup & look perfect on a special day.

Thus, if you are getting hitched in the summers so you would not like to look dull in your wedding photos with messed up makeup. So keeping that in mind, we have come up with some makeup tips for brides who are getting married in the summers.

7 Important Summer Bridal Makeup Tips for Soon to be Bride

Keep your makeup light: It is being said that less is more and it aptly applies on Summer bridal makeup. You should apply only limited makeup on your face because sweat and heat waves will ruin your look if you’d plan to go with high makeup in summers. You can use BB or CC cream to avoid the blemish and look fresh during your wedding.

Drink a lot of water to stay Hydrated: The biggest problem with the Summer wedding is humidity and heat that can create havoc for your skin. It quickly dehydrates your skin that would make you appear dull hence if you want to appear attractive as a bride on your wedding day then we would suggest you start drinking a lot of water and increase the consumption of fluids in your body to keep your skin fresh & hydrated.

Use Sweatproof concealer: Since a lot of marriages take place during the summers so companies are coming up with products to make you look vibrant during your wedding. Sweatproof concealer is one of that product that is designed specifically for the warm weather to limit the sweat during the summers. You can include a sweatproof concealer in your wedding makeup kit to avoid ruining your bridal look.

Use Transparent Primer: It acts as a barrier between your skin and the foundation. This is a great product that every soon to be bride should use in their bridal makeup to look appealing during their D- Day. A transparent primer stops the heat & sun ton enter into your skin pores on the face. Thus, it helps in stopping the sweat to enter into your skin. So every bride who is getting married during the summers should use Transparent prime as bridal makeup.

Priorities Hairdo before applying Makeup: If you want to look stunning your wedding during the scorching summers so we’d suggest you first get done with hairdo’s because using driers air can create havoc for your skin and get it dehydrated quickly.

Avoid Using Heavy Foundation: If you are getting married during the summers so the last thing that we can advise you to use a heavy foundation. The oil-based foundations are a big no and you should not use it in any case if you wish to go over your wedding photographs again. Rather we’d advise you to use a liquid foundation that too in small quantity and spread it with your fingers on the entire face.

Use Waterproof Mascara: If you want to have a smudge-free and sweat-free face during your wedding in summers then we would advise you to use waterproof mascara. Even several renowned makeup artists advise that summers bride should always use waterproof mascara to look stunning. The reason why waterproof mascara is being advised as they can withstand sweat, humidity, and heat.

So these are a few of the makeup tips to be a summer bride. So if you want to look like a million dollar baby on your wedding day then keep these above makeup tips on your mind,

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