Why Punjabi’s Brides Wear Wedding Chooda For Marriage!

A lot of you who have attended Indian marriages especially Punjabi’s wedding seen the bride wearing Chooda. However, have you ever thought that why Punjabi’s bride wear Chooda in their wedding and what is the significance of wearing chooda in wedding. So don’t worry in this post we will be giving you a detailed insight Why brides wear Chooda at their wedding.

What is Wedding Chooda?

Wedding Chooda is a white & red set of bangles made in Ivory with inlay work of colorful motifs. A soon to be bride has to wear 21 or 51 bangles because it is considered auspicious as per tradition.

The Significance of wearing Chooda in Punjabi Wedding:

The importance of wearing Chooda in Punjabi Wedding is that it signifies the beginning of auspicious wedding life of a girl. Chooda holds an important place in Punjabi’s wedding. And a special function is being held to celebrate wearing Chooda. As Mangalsutra and Sindoor is an important part of the Hindu wedding similarly Chooda is an important ritual in the Punjabis wedding. However, nowadays you can get to see a lot of North Indian brides wearing Chooda after their marriage. It looks quite stylish and accentuates the overall appearance of a newlywed bride.

Why A bride wears Chooda?

As it is being already told that wearing Chooda signifies the beginning of a happily married life as per Punjabi Tradition. However, we have seen a lot of changes in this tradition. Earlier a newlywed bride was supposed to wear Chooda for a year long. But now, it has been changed and a newlywed bride needs to wear chooda only for 40 days. After 40 days they can remove the chooda & wear the normal bangles.

Wedding Choora Ceremony:

Wedding Choora can’t be seen by the bride and it can’t be purchased by the parents of bride. It should always come from the maternal uncle and aunt. They do this ritual. And before Chooda ceremony bride is not being allowed to look at the chooda because it may bring bad luck for her married life. On the day of wedding, Chooda is being purified by Maternal uncle and aunt with milk while the head of bride is covered and she is asked to not open her eyes. She can only see this choora before she gets married and her maternal uncle or aunt make her wear the bridal chooda.

So we hope this article will help you understand the importance of Chooda in Punjabi’s Wedding.

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